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The Community for Archaeometry

The Society for Archaeological Sciences invites you to join our quest to understand the past using the tools of tomorrow.

Welcome to the Society for Archaeological Sciences!

The Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS) is a non-profit international association promoting research on and dissemination of scientific knowledge of our human past, studied through use of a wide range of analytical techniques on archaeological materials. SAS represents a distinguished group of scholars, students and professionals from many settings and organizations around the world, and is committed to the stewardship of high ethical and technical standards in archaeological research.

Since 1977, SAS has been an international forum to discuss and present current applications and innovative techniques in archaeological research. Our quarterly newsletter, the Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin, contains short articles, laboratory profiles, professional meeting summaries, recent publications and book reviews. SAS has a long tradition of endorsing the biennial International Symposium of Archaeometry (ISA), which has been hosted by myself and several other past SAS presidents (including 2014 in Los Angeles by our president-elect). We also have formal relations with several leading journals sharing our common interest in using science and technology in archaeological research, including the Journal of Archaeological Science,Archaeometry, and Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, and are establishing arrangements with book publishers as well. In partnership with other organizations, we promote archaeology in modern day society. SAS especially supports students interested in archaeological science. Every year, SAS acknowledges their potential by granting the R. E. Taylor Poster Awards during a professional meeting. SAS has also established financial support for student research on archaeological science and continues to expand these offers.

Please visit our webpage for more information on the SAS community and resources, I am sure you will find the experience rewarding! I cordially invite you to become a member of our international society, while I thank those of you who have joined us in the past and continue as part of our quest to promote scientific approaches to archaeological research.

With warm regards,

Robert H. Tykot

President Society for Archaeological Sciences



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The SAS promotes such communication through its distribution of the SAS Bulletin, Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science Series, and SASnet, an electronic forum on the internet.

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The SAS also regularly sponsors conference sessions that encourage data-sharing among archaeological scientists.

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