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Current SAS ByLaws and Recent Business Meeting Reports

Current SAS Bylaws - PDF Document

2015 SAS Business Meeting, Greece

SAS General Secretary Report 2016

SAS Budget Report 2016

SAS Business Meeting Minutes 2016

SAS Web Communications Report 2016

2015 SAS Business Meeting, San Francisco

SAS General Secretary Report 2015

SAS Budget Report 2015

SAS Business Meeting Minutes 2015

SAS Bulletin Editor Report 2015

SAS Web Communications Report 2015

2014 SAS Business Meeting, Los Angeles

SAS General Secretary Report 2014

SAS Budget Report 2014

SAS Business Meeting Minutes 2014

2013 SAS Business Meeting, Hawaii

2011 SAS Board Reports, Sacramento

SAS President Report 2011

SAS General Secretary Report 2011

SAS Budget Report 2011

SASNet Report 2011

SAS Membership Report 2011

SAS Research Travel Grant

SAS Business Meeting, Sacramento 2011

2010 SAS Board Reports

SAS President Report 2010

SAS General Secretary Report 2010

SAS Budget Report 2010

SAS Bulletin Report 2010

SASNet Report 2010

2008 SAS Board Reports

Membership Report ISA 2008 - PDF Document

SAS Bulletin Report 2008 - PDF Document

SAS General Meeting Minutes at SAA 2009 - PDF Document

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